Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Glen Music has over 30 music teachers. All our teachers are tertiary educated musicians and performers from prestigious universities. Our music rooms are soundproofed. Our comfortable private teaching environment together with high quality teaching technique helps our students to reach their individual goals in music. Our are capable of using AMEB syllabus (Australian Music Examination Board)

Our teaching team specialises in the following areas:
1. Beginner classes for all ages
2. AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) – Grade 1 to Grade 8
3. AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) – Performance Certificate (PC), Associate in Music (AMus.) and Licentiate in Music (LMus)
4. We also assist VCE students in preparation of VCE Music:
VCE Music Performance Units 1 and 2
Music Performance Units 3 and 4
VCE Music Investigation Units 3 and 4
VCE Music Style and Composition Units 1-4
VCAA curriculum page:
5. ABRSM – all grades
6. Other music books and syllabus, which will help students to achieve their individual music goals.

Glen Music Teacher: Amy Chew ↑
Instrument: Piano & Violin

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Amy Yeung ↑
Instrument: Piano & Flute

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Brendan Chin ↑
Instrument: Drums

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Carmen Cheung ↑
Instrument: Piano

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Christine Daly ↑
Instrument: Violin

↑ Glen Music Teacher: David Tan ↑
Instrument: Piano

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Earl Armstrong ↑
Instrument: Guitar

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Elizabeth Chandra ↑
Instrument: Piano

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Ella Broome ↑
Instrument: Voice (Classical/ Leisure) & Piano

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Greg Shalak ↑
Instrument: Piano

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Jing Kang Tan (JK) ↑
Instrument: Piano
Specialty: Music Therapist (Music Therapy)

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Karen Yeoh ↑
Instrument: Piano

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Kiara Kim ↑
Instrument: Violin & Viola

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Michelle Lu ↑
Instrument: Piano

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Ming Wu ↑
Instrument: Cello

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Philip Fok ↑
Instrument: Piano

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Rebecca Sepsakos ↑
Instrument: Voice (Classical & Contemporary Singing / Vocal)

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Rita Deng ↑
Instrument: Piano

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Sheridan Thomas ↑
Instrument: Cello

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Sophia Long ↑
Instrument: Clarinet & Saxophone

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Therese Ng ↑
Instrument: Percussionist (Including Drum)

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Wei Hua Chen ↑
Instrument: Violin

↑ Glen Music Teacher: Zillah Day-Smith ↑
Instrument: Flute

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