Antique HOPF Violin 120 years old Fully setup Evah Pirazzi String-V3


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Selling some of my collections of antique violins.

Location: This violin can be inspected in: Ashwood, Victoria, Australia

Date Made: 1850-1900 estimation only

Age: approx.. 120 years.

Made in: Germany: Saxony, Klingenthal


Overall measurements: 59cm x 20cm

Brand: Antique HOPF Violin

String: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin Strings set as shown in photos. Fully setup by a renowned violin maker in Melbourne.

Sound Bridge: Aubert, made in France
Condition: Good

Sound: Mellow and sweet

Imperfection: A nail at the back as pictured


Physical Descriptions: Spruce (table material), maple (back material), one piece back, double sound bar (very special one) advised by a violin make during a violin service in 2018.

Descriptions: The typical “Hopf violin” with its distinctive “squary” outline, a highly arched top with a very flat back, and the light, transparent varnish over a saffron-coloured ground defined the style among generations of his descendants and artisans in the Vogtland. Researchers attribute a total of 42 violin makers to the Hopf dynasty, the genealogy of which can be traced back as far as eight generations. Its most famous member is David Hopf; his name graces fine violins which remain highly sought after to this day. In most cases, however, it is not clear whether these high-quality and distinctly yellow- and gold-coloured Hopf violins were made by David Christian Hopf Sr. (1734-1803) or his son David Christian Hopf Jr. (1776-1830). Important and outstanding examples of Vogtland violins also include instruments from two masters who signed their works “David August Hopf” and were active in the late 18th and early 19th century. Tributes to the work of their ancestor can be clearly seen in all of the Hopf family violin makers.

The History that I know: I bought this violin from a garage sale in Melbourne, VICTORIA. I approached a local violin maker to get all the everything setup. It cost me approx. $500 to setup everything.


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