Notice to all students, parents and teachers:
Date published : Thursday, 27 May 2021
Media type : Statement
Audience : Students of Glen Music

In line with the latest 7-day lockdown in Victoria, all scheduled music lessons from 28 May 2021 (Friday) to 3 June 2021 (Thursday) will be online. Students are required to nominate a fixed mobile number for online classes. For students who have previously attended online classes, the same number will be used. For the rest, please ensure Glen Music has the correct mobile number for WhatsApp video calls, this number or further enquiry may be sent via text to 0450-850-684.

Online video class instructions can be found here:

We thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Best regards,
Glen Music Management


Glen Music 音樂學校 重要通知

監於維州將進行維持7天的封鎖,所有 2021年 5月28日(星期五)至 6月3日(星期四)的音樂課改為線上教學。所有學員必須指定一個手機號碼進行網課。以往上過網課的學員,一切將照舊。其他學員,請把指定的手機號碼或任何相關問題 以短信的方式發送至 0450-850-684。


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